Manual File Upload Overview


There are two ways machine files can be imported via Leaf: provider integration and manual file upload. Manual file upload is useful for your customers that are not wirelessly connected to a provider.

Leaf helps with the manual file upload process by:

  1. Detecting a range of file formats being uploaded
  2. Converting proprietary formats into a standardized format
  3. Merging and processing files into the desired output

In this section, you will find more information on the Leaf Link pre-built file upload widget, manual file upload endpoints and supported file types.

Please refer to machine file conversion for more relevant information on file conversion after you've set up manual file upload. Or skip straight there if you'd rather import the files via provider authentication.

Leaf Link - Upload Widget

Leaf Link provides a pre-built file upload widget that requires minimal code to implement. The file upload widget allows your end users to upload various machine file formats for translation using Leaf’s API. You can find more information on how to use Leaf Link here.

Endpoints and supported file formats

Head to the next page for the details on endpoints and supported file formats.

Note: When manually uploading fieldops data (in a zip file), you can select which provider the files inside the zip came from. If you are unsure or you know that there are files from more than one provider, Leaf can automatically detect, split and process each file format.