The beta features contains experimental features that we are working in progress but can be used by our users. The services available in this section can be updated as we improve

Currently, we are working in the following features:


This feature will fetch machine data from the providers (like JohnDeere, ClimateFieldView, CNHI) and store this data.

Currently, we are obtaining data from providers:

  • JohnDeere
  • CNHI


The variable rate application can be done through prescription maps, which can be verified by the non-homogeneity of soil properties made in laboratory analysis. It is useful when applying lime, potassium and other products that can improve soil quality, applying only the amount needed for each area.

The prescription file is a zip file that should contain at least three files with the same name and specific extensions (shp, dbf and shx)

Our supported providers are:

  • Raven Slingshot
  • ClimateFieldView