Planet Overview

Leaf provides an integration with Planet, fetching PlanetScope images from a back-fill and forward-fill specified by the user. We generate 4-5 multi spectral bands and a total of 10-11 images between RBG and NDVI GeoTiffs. PlanetScope provides numerus categories of products from different satellite sensors called itemTypes and for each one, we have different assetType. For now, we only support PSOrthoTile and the assets analytic_5b and analytic_sr for more information on those assets check the documentation.

Also, Leaf handles all the subscription process internally in order to bring foward-filled images as area available from Planet.

The following table shows all the images with its resolutions and types: (TIFs are EPSG:4326, PNGs are EPSG:3857).

NameResolution (m)TypeProjection
NDVI.pngNULLpng ndviEPSG:3857
NDVI.tif3tif raw ndvi valuesEPSG:4326
NDVI_color.tif3tif colored ndviEPSG:4326
RGB.tif3tif RGBEPSG:4326
B01.tif3single bandEPSG:4326
B02.tif3single bandEPSG:4326
B03.tif3single bandEPSG:4326
B04.tif3single bandEPSG:4326
B05.tif *3single bandEPSG:4326

* A fifth band will be available by using the assetType: analitic_5b (red egde band) were the default value is analitic_sr which are images with atmospheric reflectance correction.

See the Satellite API Reference for more information.